Tree Trimming

Our team excels in storm proofing trees, guiding the growth of the tree and cleaning up the overall appearance of the tree.

Tree Removal

With over 5,000 tree removals under our belt, we know exactly how to remove trees without damaging property. Although we haven't had an issue before, just in case, we have an umbrella policy for up to $1,000,000.00.

Stump Grinding

We include stump grinding in every tree we remove unless otherwise noted. If you have a pesky stump you need removed, call us and schedule a Grind!

We have been tree trimming in Scottsdale for almost ten years, providing quality service and cheap rates.  Tree trimming  is not only a hard job but also a skillful one at that.  We take pride in delivering exceptional work without breaking the bank.  One of the ways we are able to provide our extremely competitive pricing is our quoting process.  We are mobile optimized and are able to do most bidding or quoting right over the phone.  Usually all we need for an accurate quote is a picture of the job which is then either texted or emailed to us.  We also embrace the old school ways and will meet in person to discuss more technical tree jobs.

Currently we service Scottsdale, Mesa, Tempe, Phoenix, Ahwatukee, Chandler, Queen Creek, San Tan Valley and Apache Junction.  Cities that are further than these listed are subject to a trip charge.

We’re open Monday-Friday from 9am to 7pm

In addition to trimming trees we also do stump grinding, tree removal, chase roots, crowning, shaping and large limb removal.

Our process in tree trimming is a three stage pruning.  It begins with inner tree trimming, removing any suckers, unwanted growth and interior thinning to prevent storm damage by allowing winds to travel through the tree.  The second stage is mid level trimming, identifying any problem branches, removal of larger branches occur here to open up the canopy.  The third stage is trunk, crown and canopy; this is where we remove suckers from the trunk, raise canopy level and shape the crown of the tree.  Usually crown shaping is an additional charge but on smaller trees (<8ft ) we generally include shaping in the quote at no cost.

Our stump grinding procedure is pretty basic, if there are irrigation lines nearby they must be marked, as we are not responsible for sprinkler lines that are not marked.  Our depth included with a tree removal or general stump removal is 4-6 inches beneath ground level.  We can go as far as 8 inches and also chase roots but pricing would have to be determined.


We strategically plan our tree removals and train our team for success.  During the quoting process we determine if one of our boom trucks is needed or if the tree can be removed the traditional way.  For “over the home” tree removals we have several techniques to remove them safely without damage through the use of tree trimming knots, a pull team, boom truck positioning, and precision cuts.

Many of our customers in Scottsdale as well as the rest of the valley often call us with questions regarding their palm trees.  One of which is if we trim them, and the answer is YES!  We can professionally trim every type of palm tree, Date Palms, Mexican Fan Palms, California Palms, Mediterranean palms, Canary Island Date Palms, Pineapple Palms(Date Palm).  We have a few different styles of pruning these trees, one way is the traditional carrot top style and the other is what we call an Umbrella cut.  In addition to trimming palm trees all over the city of Scottsdale and phoenix metro valley, we also skin all types of fan palms

Fun fact:  Palm trees are actually a type of grass, not an actual tree..but we trim them anyways!

Skinning is the process of removing old and dead fronds that have managed to stay attached to the tree.  We have a few different rates for skinning depending on the type of palm tree.  Our most common call is for Mexican fan palm skinning, this is done by manually cutting away the debris with a box knife.  Its best to keep your palms skinned when you trim them every year because it makes it easier to climb and trim.  Besides it being easier on us to climb, it also looks better than a tree that has not been skinned.

Those of you who have a Canary Island Date palm, certain types of California Palms and regular Date palms should be familiar with the term Stripping.  Stripping is a bit different than skinning, stripping a palm yields a Diamond like appearance after its finished.  This is the equivalent of skinning for these three types of palm trees.  Stripping is a lot more labor intensive and appropriately, it costs a bit more than normal skinning but the finished product is beautiful.