Tree stump removal can be done in a number of ways, the most common would be by stump grinding and less common would be a stump removal by a back hoe tractor.  Depending on the size stump, type of tree stump, and plans for replanting determines what style of stump removal you need to consider.   Almost all stump removals can be done with the traditional stump grinding method, which is also the most cost effective way.

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Our stump grinding machines have a maximum depth of 10 inches but our standard tree removal service which includes a stump grind(unless otherwise noted) is 2-4 inches beneath ground level.  Enough to cover with rocks or soil.  If you need additional grinding, you must let us know in advance.  Most tree companies do not include stump grinding in their tree removal quotes, something we believe to be a bad business practice.  In our minds, the job is not finished until you have no idea a tree was once there.


Indeed there is some preparation required to schedule a stump grinding.

Step One: Removal of all lawn ornaments or decorations within 5 feet

Step Two: Determine Path for stump grinder, we need about 3.5ft width to wheel it into a backyard.

Step Three: Mark any irrigation or gas pipes within 3 feet of the stump

Step Four: Plan for your outside animals to be secured during the grinding.

Please note, we are not responsible for any sprinkler lines not marked within 3 feet of the stump.  In addition, any piping or sprinkler lines within 1 foot of the stump most likely will be damaged due to the nature of stump grinding, please prepare accordingly.

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