Tree trimming is an essential part of tree care, not only to enhance and maintain the appearance of the foliage, but also to promote the health and longevity of your trees. Our tree trimming services involves trimming the exterior branches of your trees, allowing us to create the desired shape of the tree that fits your landscaping as well as creating clearance from structures, through ways or other trees.

Citrus1Before Citrus1After



Tree trimming also helps reduce the weight of the branches. This can be important, particularly in monsoon season, when heavy rains add to the already considerable weight of tree branches.This can create a hazardous condition, especially under windy conditions where limbs can suddenly break off and damage cars, structures, landscaping or worse.

Storm damage is a common problem among home owners who live in suburban or wooded areas with threats of high winds among other dangerous weather such as Micro bursts, Haboobs and Monsoon winds.



A 30+ foot hardwood tree can be an overwhelming job to remove if the tree has become uprooted or downed by wind. Our professional staff specializes in emergency response to storm damage in order to remove fallen trees & roots from your landscape, leaving one less burden off your shoulders after what may have been a nasty storm. Call us immediately if you request this service. 480-646-4591